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Greetings folks, you may be surprised to find that after almost 20 years, I have re-designed DATOMBAR.COM. I have turned up the lights as I have made the tough decision to kill DATOMBAR.COM as you may have remembered it.


For those that don't know...

DATOMBAR.COM started out in 2001 as DATOMBAR Publishing. The site hosted 4 websites designed and created by ¡DavE! including, ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web!, Ultra Mega Links, The Legacy of ¡DavE! and The Mall Of ¡DavE! In addition we designed websites for others hosted elsewhere! 


Some Background on the hosted sites...

The first site created was ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web!-This site was created before DATOMBAR.COM and featured a weekly newsletter, fun links to other websites you should know about, music news and a monthly feature. Some of the most popular monthly features were-The Concrete Blonde Tribute page, The Clairvoyant ¡DavE!, The Fleetwood Mac tribute page, and The Anti-Barbie Site to name a few. By the way, Whirled is spelled this way intentionally as the site was usually put together at the last minute!


Ultra Mega Links was the next site. It was basically a site of weblinks to other pages. These were links that were first suggested on ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! 


The Legacy of ¡DavE! housed past features of the month and the newsletters from ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web!


The Mall of ¡DavE! was a shopping site with direct links to stores that you could purchase goods. 


I wanted to send DATOMBAR.COM out in style...

Rather than redo and update 700 plus pages, I decided to just redo DATOMBAR.COM. This update includes a new logo, a timeline, and some of the testimonials from ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! The content pages of ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web!, Ultra Mega Links, The Legacy of ¡DAvE!, and The Mall Of ¡DavE! have all been removed. This decision didn't come lightly. However, there hasn't been a major update on those pages in over 20 years. 



The Future of DATOMBAR.COM...

Currently I don't have plans for DATOMBAR.COM, but you never know. I may get bored and revive it. I've learned to never say never.


Thank you...

I must thank those who nudged me to do this. Larry who hassled me to get a computer and then had the audacity to tell me how things work. Chris who if it wasn't for him, I would have never created DATOMBAR.COM in the first place, the original Friends Of ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! who helped boost the site in the early days, to those who testified and left their kind comments and words of encouragement early on and finally to the viewers who visited the site and enjoyed it! Last but not least, you reading this now!


The DATOMBAR.COM Story....

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Though there was never a guestbook on DATOMBAR.COM itself, our subpage ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! had one. Here are some of the testimonials from that page. 

Just wanted to say I love your CB tribute page, and I'm not the same stefanie who signed further down the page.

I really loved your home page so keep up the good work...I loved it so much 

Even though I am over 60, I like to keep up with "the times" and find your web site well worth my time. I will keep it as one of my favorites. Will close by saying to all your subscribers to ALWAYS seek PEACE in your lives and other lives as well. 

-Miss Elfy

Great insight!  I Love the Blonde, been a huge fan since I found Concrete Blonde on a cassette tape!  Did they ever issue it on CD?  Do you have any MP3 stuff of the blonde?  I can never get enough Johnette!  We just saw her at the Zoo in MN. 

Dave your site rocks-I love concrete blonde!!! I met Johnette like 4 wks. ago-I totally asked her to marry me! They were all cool and super nice!

This page rocks! finally a site that pays proper homage to one of the greatest bands known to the esoteric wo-men of the world!
-Reverend Cyfarwydd

Concrete Blonde is definately the greatest band in the world. I had the chance to meet them and also got my picture with them all. Johnette is the greatest singer in the world I love her. I'm from Buffalo, NY and they played here on July 5 absolutely amazing show.

oilnk hing jonk fe la foo meeka losoana!

Hey dave.....i like it...

I think this is the coolest web site out there good job dave keep it up bro

I like your webpage

Hi uncle day-day!

You've got a  nice webpage, Do you do this for a living?

Hi Dave, you've been working hard at your Site. it's clean & strong. . . well done! 

Weblink: The Lotto Mars Club

Well Dave. That's a great job you've done. You are a talented man,I don't know how youcan possibly keep up with all the stuff in your site. Yee you later my friend. 
-Roy,der Ihrren Koenig.-Roy

Ya do great work my friend!!

Are we your favorite little devils?
-stefanie and serena


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